Roy Bashore, Director of Web Development & Design

RoyRoy Bashore's professional career dates back prior to donning a cap and gown. As an artistic high school kid, he was recruited to work full-time as a product illustrator. That did not stop Roy, who would much rather be busy than bored, from squeezing in courses at the University of Colorado. His talent definitely launched his career, but it was a hardworking attitude that helped him soar. Several well known on-line companies, creative managers, attorneys, and powerful executives have sought after his keen illustration, layout abilities, and design skills.

With nearly twenty years of experience, this design specialist brings creative talent to the Talk Fusion family. When Roy is not at his drawing board, you will find him playing with his kids in their Colorado Mountain home. They do not feel lonely high-up in those mountains, since the family includes three dogs, two rabbits, four rats, and a canary to boot.